martedì 14 agosto 2007

photographed by emilio secondi

ph ginobegotti - i miei strumenti a roma nel 1960: la lambretta, la rollei, e il flash braun automatic...cosa è rimasto?... loro non ci sono più ma...sono rimasti i ricordi, stupendi...impagabili.....

my tools in rome in 1960: lambretta scooter, rolleiflex twin lens camera, braun automatic flashlight...what is left?...nothing anymore but... just wonderful memories...

fotografie...ho fatto tanto?, magari è poco...

< ...e la gente dell'America Latina in bianconero, e le masse, e le linee da una rosa ad una barca, alle gocce di sudore nelle quali mi specchio sul viso di un giovane lavoratore....fotografie in bianconero, mie sculture d'emozioni visive...
Ora? Files digitali, pixels...Sgarbi, Prodi, Piano, Fassino, Fini e Berlusconi, Bertinotti e la Ferilli...avanti...ancora...ancora...feeeeermati...prendi fiato....e cedi al pensiero, all'immaginazione.....
Desideri?....ritorno alle sculture visive del è andato...non ritorna..
e ancora digit files e pixels.....
il mio lavoro? la fotografia?, è la mia anima...ha ragione mia moglie quando le dico
"Ti amo!....risposta..."dopo la fotografia!" verità è che amo troppo quella meraviglia della creazione che è rappresentata dalla donna in generale, e...grazie a Dio c'è la macchina fotografica che mi distoglie troppo da quel pensiero per il tempo che mi prende e il resto della fotografia ( chiamiamola per dargli un tono importante "elaborazione fotografica").
E sono sempre con mia moglie
la quale anche nei momenti difficili mi ha sempre incitato a non lasciarla mai...Chi? lei? .... LA FOTOGRAFIA.....>

Photographs...have I made a lot?...perhaps a little...

Bessa Voigtlander, yet in 1950 an expensive german camera, not too big and not small, a medium format roll film, a wish of many amateurs and pro photographers, strong steel, leather covered, good lens, good shutter, manual focus, requesting a good knowledge of different situations related to light, film, subject, for there were lots of manuals....

now 2008? no more black dress...that's what the common color of cameras was (except the wooden ones)...silver color, small that you can hide into your breast pocket, the price? a bargain for what it makes!!! Small lens range from wide to tele angle...don't care about light or no light..just push the button and the camera electronic digital brain will think about the see it right away on the monitor before and final after shooting....just a matter of microparts of a second.....want to shoot movies?..ok, make it!!!....just fantastic and more....
now film still on sale?..a market so rich and powerful that no one ten years ago could foresee this kind of reality...lots of world known factories ended production of film, chemicals, papers and closed...and minilab shops having no more films and prints to develop closed as well...and main professionals wholesaler stores shut down as well and... unemployment hit dozens of thousand and thousand workers everywhere...
And that's photography methamorphosis into digital photography...just pixels....something that you don't touch, you nevermore will see through a neg or a slide....
Forget it my fellow and carry on seeing what's coming next...

ph ginobegotti - original clapper board from the
film set of "krull", a personal gift given to me from
director and producer Billy Malone, my former
relative and sure now still a good friend

Then? The world in color much nicer than now: Venice, New York, Sidney, Rio, Bombay, Istanbul, Los Angeles, Nairobi, Hong Kong, Tokyo...out that part that I never photographed...the largest part.

...and Latin American people in black and white, and the masses and the lines of a rose, a boat, the perspiration drops where I mirrored in slowly descending by the face of a young worker...photographs in black and white, visual emotions, sculptures of mine...

Now? Digital files, pixels...Sgarbi, Prodi, Piano, Fassino, Fini and Berlusconi, Bertinotti and Ferilli ...and ahead...more...and more...stoooop...take breath...abandon yourself to thoughts, to imagination...

Wishes?...back to visual sculptures in black and white...but is return...and more digit files and pixels...

My work? Photography? my wife is right when I tell her "I love you!"...her answer?..."after photography!"...the truth is that I love too much that marvel of Creation represented by women generally, and...thanks God there is the camera that distract me too much from that for the time it takes me and all the rest of photography (to give it an important tone let's call it "photographic elaboration").

And still I am with my wife that even in difficult moments she always incited me to never leave her...Who?...She?> vuoi sempre attuale l' informativa alla tua tecnica fotografica è FOTOGRAFIA REFLEX

...if you will be updated with your tech in photography
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lunedì 13 agosto 2007

milan, italy, february 13, 2008. norma stevens representing the richard avedon foundation holding on her heart a portrait of him during the exhibition of photographs by richard avedon at forma international center of photography.

milan, italy, february 13, 2008. opening richard avedon exhibition at forma international center of photography. italian fashion stylist donatella versace posing close by portraits of american photographer richard avedon who has been close friend to her and her late brother gianni versace.
milan, italy, february 9, 2008. silvio berlusconi, former president of italian parliament, on line to become president again, he founded the new party "the people of freedom".

milan, february 7, 2008. clara furse, ceo of london stock exchange at milan stock exchange palazzo mezzanotte. clara furse declared by forbes among the most important women in the financial world.

air one aircraft....will this be the airline to replace the air routes abandoned by alitalia at malpensa ?....

milan, italy 7 february 2008 ....or will that be him, carlo toto president of air one arline to replace the air routes abandondoned by alitalia to and fro malpensa ?
H e l l o S a r d i n i a.......

la maddalena, sardinia, italy, january 2008. beautyful town close by the giuseppe garibaldi'island of caprera, hosting important schools of italian navy, american navy just left on january 25 after a stay longer than 30 years. la maddalena will hist next g8 meeting on 2009.

palau, sardinia, italy, february 2008. the over 30 years stay of u.s. navy at la maddalena gave root to sardinian-american families who have chosen to stay here after the 25 january 2008.
here american-italian children enjoy the carnival party.

palau, sardinia, italy, january 28, 2008. post boxes, typical american way in mail delivery has been acquired in this part of italy.

palau, sardinia, italy, january 25, 2008. caps, memories of american navy forces from different states military ships, a gift to the barman by many navy men who came by.

palau, sardinia, italy, january 25, 2008. forgotten stars and stripes dispenser after the last u.s. navy man is gone.

cannigione, north sardinia, italy, november 2007. a sculpture masterpiece this wooden gate amid typical rocky pillars.

cannigione, north sardinia, italy. november 2007. recently built estate behind typical stonewall and bougainvillee flowers.

cannigione, sardinia, italy, november 2007. an ibis ready to fly in the lagoon, a wildlife reserve of this area

porto rotondo, sardinia, italy, january 2008. name carved on stone entering this exclusive costa smeralda village of porto rotondo, summer residence of tycoons, among them silvio berlusconi former president of italian government, and working a lot to occupy the same seat again perhaps april next.

porto rotondo, sardinia, italy, january 2008. estates on the seaside of the exclusive trendy site of costa smeralda.

porto rotondo, sardinia, italy, january 2008. the visible part of lovely estates of the exclusive overvalued village just few steps off the boats when moored on summer.

porto rotondo, sardinia, italy, january 2008. exclusive estates resort in costa smeralda. moored boats waiting skippers for summer next.

porto cervo, sardinia, italy. november 2007. a carved stone signal means you are entering the trendy village of costa smeralda.

porto cervo, sardinia, italy. winter 2008, empty port and colored condominiums in this town of costa smeralda, overcrowded in summer by show business people and photographers hunting them.

porto cervo, sardinia, italy, november 2007. beautiful uninhabited condominiums of costa smeralda in winter, waiting show business people for coming "on season".

poltu quatu, sardinia, italy, november 2007. sleeping luxury boats moored in the small basin, few steps off empty condominiums, costa smeralda inhabitants will come summer next.

sardinia, january 2008. the village of poltu quatu, in the exclusive area of costa smeralda, with the small luxury boats port.

capo testa, sardinia, italy, january 2008. the light tower at the northernmost point of sardinia, in the gallura region, facing corsica, france right in front the other side of bonifacio channel.

sardinia, italy, january 2008. the northest point at capo testa just facing the southernmost point of corsica, france across the bonifacio channel.

sardinia, italy january 2008. the mountain town of orgosolo, in the nuoro province.

orgosolo, sardinia, italy january 2008. mural painting by artist kikinu showing the twin towers 9/11 tragedy at 8:58 am.

orgosolo, sardinia, italy january 2008. mural painting by artist francesco del casino showing struggle of women to the family.

orgosolo, sardinia, italy january 2008. mural painting by artist francesco del casino showing the tragedies of war.

sardinia, italy, january 2008. painted facade of local police department in the mountain town of orgosolo showing policemen offering protection to mothers and old people.

milan, january 22, 2008. italian 99 y.o. nobel scientist rita levi montalcini just bestown laurea honoris causa in industrial biotechnologies caressing tenderly her medal

milan, january 22, 2008 italian 99 y.o. nobel scientist rita levi montalcini at bestowal of laurea honoris causa in industrial biotechnologies from rector magnificus professor marcello fontanesi, leading milano-bicocca university.

today january 21, 2008 milan mayor letizia moratti celebrating with spumante wine with ambassador of france jean-marc de la sabliere after he officially gave her nomination for the honour legion

stylist santo versace, president of gianni versace ateliers, in milan today january 21, 2008 counting seconds to get ready for photographers shootings

milan, italy january 20, 2008 pope ratzinger'angelus prayer and blessing on mega screen broadcasting from saint peter in rome, called lots of people of all ages showing him their sympathy in a cold foggy sunday in milan dom square

people of all ages ahowing their simpathy to pope ratzinger in milan sunday january 20, 2008

milan january 18,2008 handshake of letizia moratti, mayor for the city of milan and walter veltroni, mayor and top politician for the city of rome

clemente mastella, italian former minister of justice, january 18, 2008

natalia tsarkova, official painter of pope john paul II and vatican city, photographed in september 4, 2002 in milan ' basilica of santa maria delle grazie, where she discovered her paint personal version of "last supper".

january 17, 2008 will milano-malpensa airport be like this when alitalia will stop flying this tarmac or will it find a new season....
photo graph taken from helicopter on summer 2000

milano-malpensa 2004 ground operations on alitalia aircraft to make it ready to fly...

january 15,2008 columnist giuliano ferrara leaving after time for a photograph...

today january 14, 2008 in milan, Italian columnist and politician giuliano ferrara held a long speech, supporting action of pope ratzinger against abortion, and against political positions on the birth control methods.

personal olivetti typewriting machine of pope john XXIII

the house of giuseppe garibaldi, caprera island, sardinia, italy november 18, 2007

annita garibaldi jallet, italian great grand-daughter of liberator of italy giuseppe garibaldi 2007

milan december 11, 2007 XIV dalai lama tenzin gyatso meeting the buddhist community in milan and south europe

milan december 6, 2007 musical director bob wilson ready to lead for his next work on teatro arcimboldi stage

milan december 13, 2007 italian photographer fulvio roiter celebrated the world over for the many editions of his books in many languages swowing the beauty and inspiration by his photographs of venice, italy

italo zannier, critic and researcher of photography history, 2007

photojournalist roby schirer, president of belvedere gallery hosting exclusively art photographs
of italian photographers and artists , 2007

milan december 13, 2007 italian architecture photographer gabriele basilico showing one of dozens books he made

milan november 27,2007 bestsellers writer joseph o'connor

milan november 27,2007 scientist philosopher and writer lars gustafsson

milan december 10, 2007 representatives of carabinieri showing to the press part of large quantity of drug hashish seized to smugglers after investigations plans

milan december 5, 2007 film director nanni moretti

milan december 6, 2007 scientist silvio garattini founder and president of non profit medical reseach plants istituto ricerche mario negri

december 3, 2007 in milan ministers of health of israel yaacov ben yizri and fathi abu moghli of palestine shake hands friendly beside flags of both countries

december 6, 2007 letizia moratti, strong mayor of the city of milan , italy.

december 6, 2007 milan honorary citizenship given to
president of greece karolos papoulias

ph ginobegotti 2000 - vladimir putin in milan shows ok finger to me after i shouted him to let me photograph him...soon he ordered bodyguards ant italian police to open protection ring
and let me take the shoot here.

ph ginobegotti milan december 3, 2007 italian film music composer and oscar winner ennio morricone reading note lines of his music tattooed on skin of a young girl

italian photojournalist francesco zizola with his book published in cooperation with amnesty international showing tragedies of iraq war with outstanding photographs he shot.

felipe massa showing ok finger with his red ferrari just before monza 2007 grand prix

actress pia ann lindstrom, ingrid bergman daughter, showing me a photograph of mom and her loved rossellini'brothers, in her chelsea home, london 1964.

actress pia anna lindstrom, daughter of ingrid bergman, in her chelsea home, posing with her child photograph. london 1964

actress pia ann lindstrom, ingrid bergman daughter, near her loved mg car, close by home in chelsea, london. I remember her with much simpathy, also for the best tea she served at home for us two. 1964

arse forest in samos island, greece 1985

arse forest in samos island, greece 1985

arse forest in samos island, greece 1985

queen elizabeth II, philip duke of edimburgh, princess anne and dogs, prince edward and andrews leaving to sandringham for xmas, from london'waterloo station

princess anne and dogs leaving london at waterloo station, to spend xmas time with royal family
london 1963

ph ginobegotti 1999 -
baltasar garzon, judge and
magistrate of spain who issued an
arrest warrant for former
chilean president augusto pinochet
ph ginobegotti 1999 - baltasar garzon, judge and magistrate of spain who issued an arrest warrent for former chilean president augusto pinochet

ph ginobegotti 1998 - artist lindsay kemp, actor, mime, choreographer and director

ph ginobegotti 2000 - pop singer britney spears
and bodyguards in milan

ph ginobegotti 2007 - japanese cartoon designer go nagai, father of mazinger and goldrake, strolling in venice with his wife junko