sabato 29 marzo 2008

milan, italy, march 28, 2008. michela vittoria brambilla, red hair spokeswoman of berlusconi ' party "people of freedom" now running for new goverment election april next.

giovedì 27 marzo 2008

milan, italy, march 26, 2008. roberto formigoni, president of lombardy region, expressed to the press his disapproval of reprisals against tibetan people, asking peace and freedom for the nation of tibet.

lunedì 24 marzo 2008

milan, italy, march 23, 2008. vice director of newspaper corriere della sera, journalist magdi allam, he got conversion from islamic religion to christian catholic religion celebrated by pope benedict XVI in saint peter church in rome getting his new name magdi cristiano allam.
this photograph in milan, april 2, 2004, magdi allam (left, when still muslim) with giuseppe laras, former chief rabbi of the city of milan.
milan, italy, march 23,2008. former mayor of the city of milan gabriele albertini (left) shaking hands with italian journalist ( vice director of daily newspaper corriere della sera ) magdi allam
on march 11, 2004 during the inauguration of a new park dedicated to terrorism victims .
last night in saint peter in rome magdi allam he got conversion by the pope benedict XVI leaving islamic religion into christian catholic religion. his new name now is magdi cristiano allam.

giovedì 20 marzo 2008

Young Italians in the Movies
milan, italy, march 18, 2008. italian actress ilaria spada starring in the film
"questa notte è ancora nostra".
milan, Italy, march 18, 2008. italian actor nicolas vaporidis starring in the film
"questa notte è ancora nostra".
milan, italy, march 18, 2008. italian-japanese actress valentina izumi starring in the film
"questa notte è ancora nostra".
milan, italy, march 17, 2008. italian actor riccardo scamarcio just ended starring into "colpo d'occhio" with young partner vittoria puccini.
milan, italy, march 17, 2008. italian movie actress vittoria puccini,
now ended starring film "colpo d'occhio".
milan, italy, march 18, 2008. russian nonconformist dissident poet evgenij evtuscenko is now in milan to give a lecture of his works.

domenica 16 marzo 2008

milan, italy, march 15, 2008. center left wing party leader walter veltroni exhibiting proudly to the crowd a photograph taken the day before showing the many thousand people who were listening at his speech and programs to be made after new government elections april next.
milan, italy, march 15, 2008. flags and posters showing the phrase "is possible to make it" by supporters of center left wing democratic party, during a speech of party leader walter veltroni today in a common people district in milan.
milan, italy, march 15, 2008. people around the special van carrying all over italy politician walter veltroni president of democratic party, to meet voters for next new government elections in april.
milan, italy, march 14, 2008. italian communist left wing leader fausto bertinotti during a speech to supporters and possible electors, related to form a new government in italy april next.
milan, italy, march 14, 2008. italian top representatives of extreme left wing communist party fausto bertinotti (right) and fabio mussi (left) standing in front of a press photographer camera.
milan, italy, march 11, 2008. a small group on a tram ride of the thousand liverpool soccer fans celebrating victory of their team vs. milan'international soccer team.
milan, italy, march 11, 2008. liverpool soccer fans toasted their team with beer leaving behind tons of empty cans trash at dom square.

domenica 9 marzo 2008

milan, italy, march 8, 2008. tycoon silvio berlusconi, leader of the people of freedom center wing party, has opened campaign for next government elections.
milan, italy, march 8, 2008. flags of "popolo della libertà" (people fo freedom) and "alleanza nazionale" (national alliance) welcoming speech of leaders silvio berlusconi and gianfranco fini.
milan, italy, march 8, 2008. right wing party leader gianfranco fini (left) united with central wing party leader silvio berlusconi (right) have opened together government election campaign in italy.

venerdì 7 marzo 2008

milan, italy, march 6, 2008. meeting at circolo della stampa for a goodwilling dialogue in peace of islamic and hebraic religions representatives. from left to right: president of italian islamic religious community shaykh 'abd al-wahid pallavicini, former chief rabbi of milan giuseppe laras, milan mosque "al wahid" imam yahya pallavicini, chief rabbi of milan rav alfonso arbib.
milan, italy, march 6, 2008. old father shaykh 'abd al-wahid pallavicini, president of the italian islamic religion community, inspiring into the young son imam yahya pallavicini his wish to continue dialogue in peaceful meetings with representatives of other religions.
milan, italy, march 4, 2008. left to right: president of italian nuclear association professor renato angelo ricci, phisics science nobel 1984 professor carlo rubbia, and president of enea for new technologies, energy and environment professor luigi paganetto had a meeting discussing about different solutions and different points of view to produce energy: nuclear or clean renewable sources.

lunedì 3 marzo 2008

milan, italy, march 3, 2008. silvio berlusconi leaving retired people party after a long speech with many promises in his program to raise welfare conditions of old italians, if he will win elections.
milan, italy, march 3, 2008. oversized posters all over italy for a new government balloting going on april next: two parties as the center right wing of silvio berlusconi versus the center left wing of walter veltroni.

sabato 1 marzo 2008

milan, february 29, 2008. israeli writer abraham yehoshua (and professor of hebraic literature at haifa university)here while trying with a smile to stop my too close shooting, he presented his book "friendly fire".
milan, february 27, 2008. american photographer joe mcnally for the exhibition in busto arsizio (milan) of his work "the moment it clicks". joe mcnally published his works on life, time, newsweek, national geographic and more, is considered one of the contemporary masters of photography. he has been honored by the alfred eisenstaedt for outstanding magazine photography prize.
milan, february 25, 2008. italian photo journalist francesco cito who has photographed in black and white tragedies of war, what is left or what is still going on, in palestine, irak, the balkans, translating those moments emotions of his soul with his camera into unforgettable photographs.
milan, february 25, 2008. giovanni porzio, news reporter from war'front lines of this century with his book "chronicle from nobody countries" telling reality of what he found there.
milan, february 23, 2008. french novel writer daniel pennac telling his fans about his book "school diary".