martedì 28 aprile 2009

April 25 2009 Liberation Day

milan, italy, april 25 2009. jewish father and son showing the name "auschwitz" where many of their parents were exterminated by nazis, to remember their sacrifice to generations to come, on liberation day.

milan, italy, april 22 2009. immigrants refugees from wars affecting many african areas claiming housing by the government, manifesting during the liberation day to remember freedom from fascism and nazism at the end of second world war.

milan, italy, april 25 2009. celebration of liberation day to remember the end of fascism by partisans and allied military forces during second world war.

milan, italy, april 22 2009. venetian professor renato brunetta happily showing his book titled "revolution is on". renato brunetta is now minister of italian government
and is hardly working to make the heavy burocracy often slowing actions of the nation to become faster and lighter.

milan, italy, april 22 2009. boy and girl looking at mural art at porta genova railway bridge, on their way to via tortona'furniture exhibition district.

milan, italy, april 22 2009. youngsters by the thousands crossing the railway bridge entering via tortona to visit top designers exhibiting their works for the international furniture world fair.

milan, italy. april 22 1009. chinese bride and bridegroom chosen milan for their wedding day and walk after a kiss at dom square to complete the celebration.

milan, italy, april 15 2009. photographer marirosa ballo toscani posing close by photographs that she and her late husband aldo ballo made, photographs now on exhibition at pac-pavilion of contemporary arts in milan.

milan, italy, april 17 2009. conceptual art of this neon writing by artist grazia migliora at mi-art fieramilanocity.

milan, italy, april 17 2009. these two cans labeled "shit of an artist" by artist piero manzoni are top valued and priced pieces of art on show at mi-art fieramilanocity.

milan, italy, april 17 2009. at mi-art fieramilanocity exhibition of artist gianni molaro who painted this portrait of singer madonna that deeply inspired him, resembling a beautiful butterfly.

milan, italy, april 17 2009. mi art at fieramilanocity, is the annual market and exhibition of modern arts by italian gallerists. the italian gallerist family casamonti from generations (left to right son michele casamonti, father roberto casamonti, daughter ursula casamonti) selling 20th century high valued masterpieces by painters giorgio de chirico and ardengo soffici.

milan, italy, april 15 2009. italian government is asking people to increase the use of lotteries to get more money for supporting heavy damages to people suffering after the strong earthquake that hit abruzzi region in central italy.

milan, italy, april 15 2009. ryanair low cost airlines'vice president michael cawley showed to the press in a very energetic way how his company will open new routes from the lombardy airport of orio al serio-bergamo to more domestic and international destinations.

milan, italy, april 15 2009. french financial connaisseur bernard spitz gave his knowledge to italian journalists of corriere della sera about bank crisis and how france is actioning about.

venerdì 10 aprile 2009

milan, italy, april 8 2009. greek novel writer petros markaris has presented in milan his new work titled "la balia" ("the nurse".

milan, italy, april 8 2009. giovanni robusti, now member of european parliament presented his book titled "storia infinita? " telling his years as fierce conductor of italian cattle farmers, spokesman of strong protests against limits of milk production imposed to italy by the european parliament.

milan, italy, april 7 2009. luigi de magistris, has officially given up his career as judge magistrate, beginning officially as politician, now candidate to next european elections for the "italia dei valori" party.

sabato 4 aprile 2009

milan, italy, april 1 2009. cartoonist quino alias joaquin salvador lavado, creator of cartoon mafalda, has presented his new book titled "tutto mafalda".