sabato 25 ottobre 2008

The Beatles and fans photographed in London by Gino Begotti in December 14, 1963 at Wimbledon Palais.

City of Genoa-Cornigliano Industrial Area in 1985

mercoledì 22 ottobre 2008

gianni berengo gardin: first italian photographer who got lucie award

new york, ny, usa. octobr 20, 2008. lucie award, as the most important reconnaissance to great photographers, has been given to italian black and white artist photographer gianni berengo gardin (here in this photograph he is close by a shot of his work that he likes most). the prize has been collected in new york by his close friend elliott erwitt.

milan, italy, october 20, 2008. from left to right: banker cesare geronzi, as president of mediobanca, economist lorenzo bini smaghi commissary of monetary commission of eu central bank, and giulio tremonti, italian minister of financial affairs, they met for a discussion on how banks and financial situation will go on after american disaster of lehman brothers and deep fall of stock exchange world.

milan, italy, october 19, 2008. anna maria scicolone, that is very fond in cooking (sister of movie star sophia loren) has presented his book titled "la cucina delle mie certezze". anna maria scicolone in her life has cooked spaghetti at her best just for close friends named frank sinatra, cary grant, clark gable, charlie chaplin, gregory peck and more, in hollywood or in rome.

sabato 18 ottobre 2008

milan, italy, october 18, 2008. theater and movies director and actor toni servillo, has been celebrated at piccolo teatro di milano, after his great participation at movie "gomorra" directed by matteo garrone and from the best seller book of roberto saviano.

theater actor and director toni servillo recently protagonist of the film "gomorra"
directed by matteo garrone and from the best seller book of roberto saviano.

venerdì 17 ottobre 2008

porto rotondo, sardinia, october 2008. italy. marella giovannelli alias mara-malda, more than a press potographer, is giving much of his time composing poems, perhaps getting inspiration by wild flowers perfumes and north sardinia wawes around her.

milan, italy, october 16, 2008. italian pianist and composer giovanni allevi is now considered one of the greatest young music stars of our time, perhaps this moment he is getting inspiration for a new symphony by a simple sunflower...

milan, italy, october 16, 2008. italian artist photographer maurizio galimberti has recalled the inspiration who made him assemble with deep sentiment his thousand polaroid photographs making celebrated works at forma gallery titled "polaroid venezia".

milan, italy, october 16, 2008. italian actor mario lavezzi with top italian singer ornella vanoni who is now celebrating her 50 years of a great career.

milan, italy, october 15, 2008. italian writer salvatore niffoi, yet winner of campiello award 2006, introduced well known italian pop singer nada, now as a novel writer of his book titled "my human heart".

milan, italy, october 14,2008. italian journalist and writer claudio magris at a simposium on his critical studies on german literature.

sabato 11 ottobre 2008

gino begotti portrayed by artist photographer emilio secondi

milan, italy, october 10, 2008. this very year palazzo mezzanotte celebrated 200 years of seat of italian stock market with the presence of top bankers, tycoons, and politicians. did someone of them expect what kind of financial disaster was on the air not long after in the western world ?.........

milan, italy, october 10, 2008. palazzo mezzanotte, chief seat of italian stock market, celebrated last february 15 of this year the 200th anniversary.

milan, italy, october 10, 2008. italian artistic ice skating champion carolina kostner will participate november next with the winx group at a show.

milan,italy, october 10, 2008. italian artistic ice skating champion carolina kostner
(here in a repertory photograph) will give his special participation november next at a show with the winx group.

milan, italy, october 10, 2008. show producer daniele luppino (left), and cartoon designer of the winx iginio straffi (right), presented the special participation to the show "winx on ice" of italian ice skating champion carolina kostner.

mercoledì 8 ottobre 2008


Scientist forgotten by Nobel Commission 2008

milan, italy, october 8, 2008. heavy rumors are reported by authoritative voice british science magazine "new scientist" against the nobel award commission that forgot italian phisics scientist nicola cabibbo that gave the base in researches who brought three japanese scientists to the final result, then to nobel prize.

milan, italy, october 7, 2008. israeli novel writer david grossman is now in milan meeting his fans readers to autograph his books.

domenica 5 ottobre 2008

milan, italy, october 3, 2008. italian sculptor arnaldo pomodoro, and one of his great sculptures
that he made recalling the emotion of a common mineral named "rose of the desert", here at his exhibition inside the arnaldo pomodoro foundation.
milan, italy, october 3, 2008. masterpieces sculptures by arnaldo pomodoro, exhibited inside his own fondazione arnaldo pomodoro.
milan, italy, october 2, 2008. italian tycoon art collector angelo guido terruzzi close to one of five thousand masterpieces of his collection, a paint of venice by painter giambattista cimaroli, added to the many others of tiepolo, canaletto, guardi on exhibition at palazzo reale in milan.
milan, italy, september 1, 2008. alessandro profumo, ceo of unicredit group bank listening to this gentle violin music celebrating last year the opening of a new sector.....hope that what will come next will not bring a tsunami from american banks.
milan, italy, september 29, 2008. senator emilio colombo, more than 50 years of his life as a politician: former president of italian parliament, minister of foreign affairs, minister of interior, has opened at bocconi university the cycle of italian foreign affairs ministers telling students their important steps as politicians.