sabato 20 giugno 2009 memories..Audrey Hepburn in Paris...1962

...was in paris 1962, at bois de boulogne, that summer morning when i was waiting for her...and she, audrey hepburn, arrived, on a coach and pair, wearing an high fashion pink wide rimmed hat. i was delighted by how her backlighted face appeared as if made of alabaster with light filtering through sundew trees, and i shoot close ups with my rollei. audrey hepburn and william holden were starring on the set of film "paris when it sizzles".

milan, italy, june 18 2009. politician walter veltroni, former leader of the left wing party "partito democratico", during his intervention on presentation of the book titled "the thirty years war" written by senator franco debenedetti. walter veltroni speech was centered on the mistakes of the left wing politics in italy.

milan, italy, june 17 2009. sergio romano, former italian ambassador in washington, dc usa, now columnist for daily corriere della sera, has presented his book titled
"storia di francia, dalla comune a sarkozy".

giovedì 18 giugno 2009 first journalistic photograph...1958...

...was in 1958 in milan in dom square with my semflex camera, i went on the small wooden stand to make a shot from behind to the man talking at mike to include the fully crowded square. elections were near. the man was palmiro togliatti, leader of communism in italy and a close cooperator with russian leader stalin. negatives went lost...

Sean Lennon and mom Yoko Ono at La biennale of Art in Venezia

venezia, italy, june 6 2009. Sean Lennon was delighted looking at the photographs in the blue booklet, that i shoot to his father john lennon in london in 1963, longer than 45 years ago.

venezia, italy, june 6 2009. yoko ono performance at la biennale theater.

martedì 16 giugno 2009

venice, italy, june 4 2009. vips at françois pinault collection for the "mapping the studio" art exhibition.

june 4 2009 seen at 53rd biennale of art "make worlds" in venezia, italy.

lunedì 15 giugno 2009

Dedicated to Hanns, not a VIP, just a german 70 year old pilgrim that gave the best of his strength for a long walk to Santiago de Compostela

the wall plate at granada, spain where hanns hoefer moved by his religious faith on april 16 2009 started his long fatiguing undertake lasted one month to the cathedral of santiago de compostela. Arrived on may 16 2009.

after cold and rain a peaceful pause for hanns along the footpath, among greenery and yellow flowers.

european road sign to lead pilgrims as hanns hoefer to "el camino de santiago" for their final destination at compostela.

hanns hoefer along his way to reach compostela, no matter whether rain or sun.

attestation to hanns hoefer after his long walk started from venice, italy to santiago de compostela, spain lasted one month from april 16 to may 16 2009

hanns hoefer showing with pride attestation of his religious undertaking released by the cathedral of santiago de compostela, spain, may 16 2009.

santiago de compostela, spain, may 16 2009
hanns hoefer in front of the cathedral, after a one month long walk.

mercoledì 3 giugno 2009

milan, italy, may 29 2009. moroccan artist painter hayat saidi near her opera, at his first personal successful exhibition in milan. hayat saidi returned to milan after 2007 when she was part of the group of arab women participating at "italian forum women entrepreneurs" at milan stock exchange, in palazzo mezzanotte.

milan, italy, may 29 2009. personal exhibition of moroccan painter hayat saidi at via del carmine gallery.

milan, italy. march 5 2007. an historic group with hundreds of arab entrepreneurs women and italian politician lady emma bonino in the first row, (former commissary at european parliament) at palazzo mezzanotte, milan stock exchange, all participants for the "italian forum of women entrepreneurs".
the moroccan painter hayat saidi was in the group, and she retourned to milan two years after for her first italian successful personal exhibition.

milan, italy. may 29 2009. franca sozzani (right) director of vogue-italia ha presented "vogue fashion's night out" a new way to enjoy the night out in milan with
the cooperation of mayor letizia moratti (left), leader of the municipal organization.

milan, italy. may 29 2009. a mural publicity showing lapo elkann, (brother of john elkann at fiat presidency), appearing everywhere, media, spots, his image now means tendency, trendy, fashion...what else...

milan, italy. may 28 2009. pietro grasso, national attorney general against mafia, he presented his book titled "for not dying of mafia". those covering the same top position named falcone and borsellino were killed by mafia few years ago.