sabato 24 aprile 2010

...let's see what's going next...will there shoot another photograph same as this one?...

milan, italy. premier silvio berlusconi and president of parliament gianfranco fini when they were showing their strong friendship to supporters on march 8 2008.

Carolina Kostner Starring Musical Winx on Ice

the winx group

carolina kostner with silvia fontana and the winx

milan, italy, april 17 2010. italian ice skating champion carolina kostner and champions silvia fontana and john zimmerman are starring now
musical "winx on ice" with "the winx group".

silvia fontana

silvia fontana and john zimmermn

sabato 17 aprile 2010

Tribute to late actor Raimondo Vianello

milan, italy, april 16 2010. visitors by the thousands, common people and top actors, politicians and VIPs, gave their tribute to late actor raimondo vianello, inside the mortuary chapel specially assembled at mediaset-channel five television studios at cologno monzese (milan).
movie and television actor raimondo vianello 87 y:o. passed away last thursday 15 april.
photojournalist and cameraman assembled their set few meters off the coffin shooting on VIPs and
sending photographs right on the spot to photojournalistic agencies to release to media.

Photojournalists dispute going on...

milan, italy. april 15 2010. photojournalists dispute is going on.
my colleagues here are expressing their cause in front of palace of justice.

venerdì 9 aprile 2010

...What Will Be After Of Moka Express...

milan , italy, march 8 2010. the historic factory bialetti producer of coffee maker
moka express brand will probably transfer plants
in romania, caused by a strong competition and
large production of chinese imitations, and new
espresso coffee machines now on the italian

500 Mayors Manifestation Asking Government Financial Support

milan, italy, april 8 2010. 500 mayors of lombardy region united in san babila square for a manifestation to the prefecture asking new financial rules to the prefect gian valerio lombardi as government representative in milan, at the end each one simbolically abandoning their tricolour sash.

masterpieces seen at MIART 2010

masterpieces een at miart 2010 exhibition at fieramilanocity on march 25 2010 in following order
by artists marc bijl, equipo cronica, enzo fiore, alessandro valeri, shirana shahbazi, patrick hughes

milan, italy, march 30 2010. politicians senator umberto bossi, leader of leganord party, and president of lombardy region roberto formigoni, enjoying together the victory in regional balloting that confirmed a new mandate for president formigoni.
milan, italy. march 15, 2010.
journalist and writer marcello foa (left) presented the book titled "il ragazzo del lago" english"the
boy of the lake", the true story of aimone canape, hereunder , the young partisan, now 88 y.o., that on 27 april 1945 discovered benito mussolini in a german army truck dressed in a german soldier uniform attempting to flee toward the swiss border.

milan, italy. march 11, 2010. journalist and writer marco travaglio presented his new book
titled "ad personam".