sabato 28 giugno 2008

venezia, italy, june 28, 2008. german film director wim wenders got nomination as president of jury of 65th mostra del cinema september next at lido di venezia.
milan, italy, june 26, 2008. instructor pilot captain antonella celletti operating on alitalia airlines ' airbus 320 aircrafts, participated at theater strehler ' 20th edition of the marisa bellisario prize
giving evidence to "women projecting future".
milan, italy, june 26,2008. israeli writer abraham yehoshua is in italy participating to lectures at
"milanesiana" great names exhibition.
milan, italy, june 26, 2008. israeli writer abraham yehoshua participaded to a meeting of university luminars discussing his works. from left to right: alessandro albisetti, micaela goren-monti, mariateresa fumagalli, silvio ferrari, abraham yehoshua, giulio busi, valerio onida.
milan, italy, june 24, 2008. former president of the anti-mafia commission francesco forgione (left) and judge guido salvini (right), both strong enemies giving their most efforts against criminality, they were together to present the book written by francesco forgione titled ."ndrangheta"
milan, italy, june 24, 2008. gerard mortier, director of opera de paris, and new york city opera,
in milan for a meeting on "europe ideas" at clerici palace.
milan, italy, june 24, 2008. from left to right: EU politician ludger kuehnhardt and gerard mortier (director of the paris and new york opera) , both nose up following explanations by prof.antonio villafranca about, tiepolo frescoes on the ceiling in the mirrors room, at clerici palace.

martedì 24 giugno 2008

milan, italy, june 3, 2008. italian artist photographer aldo fallai and curator roberto mutti, have presented aldo fallai ' photographic book titled "seductio" showing also the model beside him, and photo exhibition at milan fashion district ' via montenapoleone.

domenica 22 giugno 2008

milan, italy, june 21, 2008. textiles manufacturer and men fashion producer matteo marzotto is new president of the italian tourist organization.

sabato 21 giugno 2008

milan, italy, june 20, 2008. cynthia young, curator of international center of photography - new york, and portrait of american photographer weegee (alias arthur fellig) on the ready with his speed graphic camera. cynthia young in milan for opening the exhibition of photographs shoot by great weegee.
milan, italy, june 20, 2008. top italian artist photographer mimmo jodice reflecting into his photographs inspiration he gets from the city of naples, he is in milan to visit few exhibitions going on now.
milan, italy, june 19, 2008. photographer josef koudelka standing with pride in front of those photographs he shoot in 1968 during the soviet russian invasion of prague, czechoslovakia, who costed him longer than ten years exile from his home country.
milan, italy, june 19,2008. photographer josef koudelka celebrated opening of his photographs exhibition titled "prague invasion ' 68" showing struggle of unarmed people against the russian soviet army.
milan, italy, june 19,2008. photographer josef koudelka telling journalists how he made his photographs' exhibition showing russian army invasion of prague in 1968 and smuggled those photographs to usa by an american doctor and then published everywhere, who costed him exile for longer than ten years.
milan, italy, june 18, 2008. salvatore borsellino (right) , brother of late lawyer anti-mafia (and killed from them) paolo borsellino, has helped writer marco bettini (left) in writing the book
"repented, a story of mafia".

martedì 17 giugno 2008

cavalry charge by the glorious italian army corps of carabinieri ' battallion pastrengo.

horse ride of italian glorious cavalry army corps of carabinieri ' battallion pastrengo.
milan, italy, june 17,2008. italian lawyer giuseppe ayala (formerly part of the mafia commission with lawyers paolo borsellino and giorgio falcone who were killed) has presented his book titled
"who is frightened dies every day".
milan, italy, june 10, 2008. italian lawyer giuseppe ayala claiming with anger a daily cover
showing the son of the jailed mafia boss toto riina, and he said "not a single line to my book telling ten risky years of my life that i spent with my friends and colleagues giorgio falcone and paolo borsellino, fighting the mafia that killed both of them".
london, 10 downing street. leaders from countries of the whole world went through this small door....and hope the list will continue on time to come....for peace...

sabato 14 giugno 2008

milan, italy, june 13, 2008. italian classic ballet dancer roberto bolle (la scala theater in backgound) presented his next performance programmed july 13 next in dome square, as contribution to restoration expenses for the main spire of the dome.
milan, italy, jun 12, 2008. italian journalist magdi cristiano allam , recently converted from islamic into catholic religion, has presented his book titled "thanks jesus".
milan, italy, june 6, 2008. egbert jacobs ' holland ambassador in italy has given a bycicle made in nederland to milan ' mayor letizia moratti , as an echologic anti pollution gift from dutch people.
milan, italy, jun 6, 2008. foreing affairs ministers from pacific islands included papua-new guinea, participants to the international environment festival, (center) with milan mayor letizia moratti and italian foreign affairs minister franco frattini.

martedì 10 giugno 2008

caprera, sardinia, italy, june 2, 2008. garibaldine association members with historic uniform, and beside the flag anita garibaldi hibbert, great grand-daughter of giuseppe garibaldi, and english nephews henry and thomas garibaldi hibbert, celebrating the bicentennial of giuseppe garibaldi hero of the two worlds.
caprera, sardinia, italy, june 2, 2008. italian navy military honors at the tomb of giuseppe garibaldi, celebrating the bicentennial of the hero of the two worlds.

caprera, sardinia, italy, june 2, 2008 . anita garibaldi hibbert great grand-daughter of the hero, holding the glorious flag of the garibaldine association with members wearing the historic uniform, celebrating the bicentennial of giuseppe garibaldi.

caprera, sardinia, italy, all united on june 2, 2008. to celebrate the bicentennial of giuseppe garibaldi hero of the two worlds with his house in the background, the great grand-daughter anita garibaldi hibbert, english nephews henry and thomas garibaldi hibbert, and son francis garibaldi hibbert holding in his arms the youngest of the dinasty 2 y.o. giuseppe garibaldi hibbert.

caprera, sardinia, italy. annita garibaldi jallet, great grand-daughter of italian hero of the two worlds giuseppe garibaldi, at bicentennial celebration the 2nd june 2008.

chioggia, venice, italy, may2008 . this city in the venice lagoon is mostly based on the fishing industry.

chioggia, venice, italy, may 2008 . most people of this marine city are fishermen or is getting by generations their lifelong income from related industries.
chioggia, venice, italy may 2008 . fishing boats stopped after the strong claim of fishermen asking intervention of european governments, caused by the high increase of fuel prices.