domenica 18 luglio 2010

Alitalia President and CEO Introducing New Airbus A330

malpensa airport, july 15 2010. new alitalia aircraft airbus a330-200.

malpensa airport. july 15 2010. alitalia ceo rocco sabelli and president roberto colaninno near new aircraft airbus a330.

malpensa airport. july 15 2010. alitalia ceo rocco sabelli andfrom left president roberto colaninno, captain paolo manzoni, ceo rocco sabelli and steward at new alitalia aircraft airbus a330.

malpensa airport. july 15 2010. alitalia ceo rocco sabelli and president roberto colaninno and crew on board of new aircraft airbus a330.

malpensa airport, italy. july 15 2010. head of alitalia pilots captain paolo manzoni
in cockpit of new alitalia aircraft airbus a330-200.

First Time Landing at Malpensa Airport of Lufthansa Airbus A380

malpensa airport, milan, italy. july 14 2010. first time landing of lufthansa airbus a380-800. biggest aircraft flying this time.

milan malpensa airport, july 14 2010. arrival of lufthansa airbus a380-800 with german and italian flags out of cockpit.

milan, july 14 2010. head of lufthansa pilots captain jurgen raps with italian flag and cabin attendants on arrival with lufthansa aircraft airbus a380-800.

milan malpensa airport july 14 2010. head of lufthansa pilots captain jurgen raps, with heike birlenbach, ceo of lufthansa italia.

heike birlenbach, ceo of lufthansa italia, on board of airbus a380.

milan, italy. july 14 2010 milan airports president giuseppe bonomi and lufthansa italia ceo heike birlenbach describing to the press their new aircraft airbus 380-800
and development and openings expected by lufthansa airline from malpensa.

Berlusconi foreseeing Mediterranean countries best cooperation

milan, stock exchange palazzo mezzanotte

premier of italy silvio berlusconi attended the milan med forum looking forward to a great cooperation for mediterranean countries.

letizia moratti attending milan med forum in milan june 12 2010

Highlights at "Milanesiana 2010" main event in Milan

milan, italy, 11-18 july 2010. milanesiana is one of the most important events in the city of milan, calling top names in art, culture, music, writera, here portraits of few of those who highlighted the happening.

bestseller writer salman rushdie

film director jane campion

bestseller writer patrick mcgrath

film director giulio questi

bestseller writer jonathan coe

film director george romero

transex actor and former politician vladimir luxuria

journalist and writer alberto pezzotta

film director andres arce maldonado

artist sculptor cesare inzerillo

artist sculptor cesare inzerillo

Zhang Huan art exhibition at PAC Pavilion

milan, italy, july 6 2010. artist zhang huan attended opening of his operas exhibition in milan, at pac pavilion of contemporary art.

artist zhang huan

artist zhang huan and curator elena geuna

zhang huan operas mao portrait 1 and 2

zhang huan opera buddha steel of life

zhang huan opera buddha hand

sabato 3 luglio 2010

milan, italy. july 1 2010. prince emanuele filiberto di savoia attended opening of the "casa savoia e l'unità d'italia" exhibition of important antiques related to the dinasty of the savoia kingdom of italy in the different periods. this photographs
he chosen posing beside his grandfather portrait, king umberto I, the last king of italy, exiled in portugal after the II world war.

milan, italy. june 30 2010. mo yan, considered among the most important contemporary chinese writers, is now in italy for a series of literature conferences.

milan. italy, june 28 2010. annual consob meeting at stock exchange palazzo mezzanotte, organized by president lamberto cardia,(in the photo with berlusconi representative gianni letta) a call for banks ceo and presidents, politicians, industrials. admiration for "wonder woman" melita and her efforts to get in touch with top bankers and stealing a smile from these grey suited grim faces after a not evident scan to her body, here with tycoon salvatore ligresti.

milan, italy, june 24 2010. celebration of the beatles day remembering the only concert in milan of the fab four that far june 24 1965, now on 31st floor of pirelli building with the beatops band conducted by rolando giambelli that played few most wellknown songs of the beatles repertory. the president of lombardy roberto formigoni attended the performance clapped to the band and tried few rock steps.

milan, italy. north italy milk farmers claiming heavy losses and eu penalties for cost of milk production that is higher than the fixed price of sale, in front of headquarter of lombardy region.