mercoledì 26 agosto 2009

…Lauren Bacall cannot enter here….

I remember that day in 1990’s as if today.
Lauren Bacall, unforgettable star in film noir like “Key Largo”, “The Big Sleep”, “Dark Passage” and many more, married with great Humphrey Bogart, she was in Milan Linate Airport bound to Paris, and asked to enter the VIPs lounge but she was refused by the airline station manager because not bearing the airline VIP members plastic card .
Lauren Bacall with no reaction went to the gate waiting for boarding time with common people…
I wondered how could such a thing happen, and me as a photographer I offered her and her secretary “cappuccino
with croissants”….

mercoledì 19 agosto 2009

....Good-Bye Fernanda Pivano...

fernanda pivano: writer, journalist, books translator as hemingway's "farewell to arms" , she lived with her soul the beat generation, close friendship with american poets and writers as ernest hemingway, allen ginsberg, jack kerouac, gregory corso, andy she was commonly named is passed away today august 18 2009 in milan.

milan, italy, january 10 2007. fernanda pivano and gore vidal.

milan, italy, march 28 2009. fernanda pivano and lou reed.

milan, italy, september 22 2005. fernanda pivano and american writer michael cunningham.

giovedì 13 agosto 2009

New Building for Lombardy Region Presidency

milan, italy, august 7 2009. view of architectural line of the new building just arrived at the top, that will soon become home of lombardy region presidency.

milan, italy, august 7 2009. president of lombardy region roberto formigoni pointing his finger toward the pirelli building from the top of the new building where construction is almost at the end, that will soon become the new site for lombardy presidency.

How to make a tree grow in a car.

fiat 400c car plastic shape to contain a tree by architect designer fabio novembre.

architect designer fabio novembre showing a small model of his fiat 500c car containing a tree
made a reality in fashion district of via montenapoleone, milan, italy, august 2009.

milan, italy, august 2009. row of parked plastic shaped fiat model 500c cars in the high fashion district via montenapoleone, containingt a different trees each one as an idea by artist designer fabio novembre to make milan greener.

...seen in CAORLE, at Venice province...

caorle, venice province, italy, july 2009. the leaning bell tower at dome square.

best ladies selling good bread at bakery in caorle, venice province italy, july 2009.

caorle, italy. typical houses and colors much resembling to the nearby city of venice, july 2009.

artist egidio zoccarato in his studio and his works showing a style inspired by flemish painters.
caorle, venice province, italy, july 2009.

caorle, venice province, italy. colors and architecture typically calling the nearness of venice.

painter cristina salvadori near her opera at personal exhibition in caorle, italy, july 2009.

modern art sculptures on rocks on the seaside at caorle, italy, july 2009.

caorle, venice province, italy 2009

hotels along levante beach

caorle, italy. wooden bridge in the marshy soil to the "casone", in caorle, italy 2009
fisherman benattelli and his typical house named "casone" close by the lagoon of caorle, italy.
caorle, venice province, italy, july 2009. swans and lagoon of caorle.
caorle, venice province, italy, august 2009. casoni
bottles of typical veneto region wine named "nostalgia" or memories of persons named (left to right) as che guevara, stalin, pope john paul XXIII,
benito mussolini, adolf hitler.