lunedì 31 maggio 2010

milan, italy. may 27 2010. editor and film director elisabetta sgarbi has introduced to the press her program of "la milanesiana 2010"11th edition from 5 to 19 july, important event that will call in milan top writers, nobel scientists, actors and cultural personalities known worldwide.

martedì 25 maggio 2010

12 Top Ladies Advisory Board EXPO 2015 meeting

milan, italy. may 22 2010. very important ladies meeting representing the advisory board expo 2015. they were (left-right) university rector stefania giannini, minister maria rosa carfagna, city counselor mariolina moioli, president of milan tribunal livia pomodoro, rhoda peace tumusiime relief of agriculture for african union commission, mayor of milan letizia moratti, pharmaceutical industrial diana bracco, former eropean commission politician emma bonino, cherie blair of cherie blair foundation, kerry kennedy activist of human rights, writer cristina bombelli, journalist and editor federica olivares.

rhoda peace tumusiime and cherie blair
posing for a snap at la scala square.
left-right: milan mayor letizia moratti, lady cherie blair, industrial diana bracco, philanthropic and writer kerry kennedy.

lady cherie blair and philanthropic and writer kerry kennedy.

milan, italy. 20 may 2010. american artist attending his personal exhibition "pig island"
hereunder with sculpture "static - pink" and
the "pig island".

"pig island"

beatrice trussardi, president of trussardi foundation, and "pig island" exhibition curator massimiliano gioni.

milan, italy. may 18 2010. young italian muslim writer sumaya abdel qader spoken of her book titled "i wear the veil and adore the queens" at piccolo teatro cloister.

milan, italy. may 15 2010. his eminence cardinal camillo ruini attended a lectio magistralis on children education at assolombarda auditorium.

milan, italy. may 13 2010. french artist yves belorgey at his personal exhibition "sezione verticale" of painting showing different architecture solutions of common people housing and quarters mostly in france and japan.

milan, italy. may 8 2010. free lance photographer pietro masturzo is the winner of world press photo 2010 edition, over more than 5000 photographers with a photograph on the wall beside him, that he shoot on nightime in teheran to women on the roofs shouting their protest against the actual leader.

new presidents of lazio and piedmont for new plans cooperating with president of lombardy

milan, italy. may 12 2010. newly elected president of piedmont region paid a visit in milan to roberto formigoni president of lombardy, confirming on both sides their cooperation on new plans for the rich regions of north italy.

milan, italy. may 3 2010. just elected president of lazio region (with rome, capital of italy) paid a visit to president of lombardy region roberto formigoni, planning new assets of cooperation on future lines.

domenica 2 maggio 2010

May 1st 2010 LABOR DAY in Milan

onorio rosati, cgil labor syndicate secretary for lombardy.

workers of all continents celebrated labor day in milan

Assembly of Italian Fashion System

milan, italy, april 30 2010. textile industrial michele tronconi (left) and vice president of european commission antonio tajani at palazzo mezzanotte, for annual assembly of members
of italian fashion system.

michele tronconi, textile industrial, president of sistema moda italian (italian fashion system)

Prize from Amnesty International to to Actor Giobbe Covatta

milan, italy, april 29 2010. andrea matricardi of amnesty international has given a prize to italian comic actor giobbe covatta for the different philanthropic actions he conducted for long time in different african regions to help hard living people.

Bill Emmott in Milan

milan, italy, april 26 2010. "the economist"magazine former director, journalist and writer bill emmott said his view about the financial western crisis involving both america and europe.

"Let's Dance" with Garrison and dancers

milan, italy, april 26 2010. musical "let's dance" directed by choreographer garrison rochelle is on show at theater ventaglio smeraldo. here above garrison with dancers cast and alone.