martedì 25 maggio 2010

milan, italy. 20 may 2010. american artist attending his personal exhibition "pig island"
hereunder with sculpture "static - pink" and
the "pig island".

"pig island"

beatrice trussardi, president of trussardi foundation, and "pig island" exhibition curator massimiliano gioni.

milan, italy. may 18 2010. young italian muslim writer sumaya abdel qader spoken of her book titled "i wear the veil and adore the queens" at piccolo teatro cloister.

milan, italy. may 15 2010. his eminence cardinal camillo ruini attended a lectio magistralis on children education at assolombarda auditorium.

milan, italy. may 13 2010. french artist yves belorgey at his personal exhibition "sezione verticale" of painting showing different architecture solutions of common people housing and quarters mostly in france and japan.

milan, italy. may 8 2010. free lance photographer pietro masturzo is the winner of world press photo 2010 edition, over more than 5000 photographers with a photograph on the wall beside him, that he shoot on nightime in teheran to women on the roofs shouting their protest against the actual leader.

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