martedì 25 maggio 2010

12 Top Ladies Advisory Board EXPO 2015 meeting

milan, italy. may 22 2010. very important ladies meeting representing the advisory board expo 2015. they were (left-right) university rector stefania giannini, minister maria rosa carfagna, city counselor mariolina moioli, president of milan tribunal livia pomodoro, rhoda peace tumusiime relief of agriculture for african union commission, mayor of milan letizia moratti, pharmaceutical industrial diana bracco, former eropean commission politician emma bonino, cherie blair of cherie blair foundation, kerry kennedy activist of human rights, writer cristina bombelli, journalist and editor federica olivares.

rhoda peace tumusiime and cherie blair
posing for a snap at la scala square.
left-right: milan mayor letizia moratti, lady cherie blair, industrial diana bracco, philanthropic and writer kerry kennedy.

lady cherie blair and philanthropic and writer kerry kennedy.

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