venerdì 31 luglio 2009

…grilled shrimps for me , two Queens , two Kings….

we were six photographers invited by H.M. Queen Juliana of the Netherlands to an informal dinner to the restaurant down Porto Ercole harbour… I was on the right side of Queen Juliana of the Netherlands, sometimes unwantedly touching my elbow to Her Majesty elbow while caring for my grilled shrimps and lobster. Prince Bernard was in front of the Queen, and Princess Beatrix (after H.M.Queen of the Netherlands) was on his dad left …enjoying the youngsters party of “already king” or “soon to become king” as Prince Juan Carlos di Borbone (become after H.M.King of Spain), H.M. King Constantine of Greece .
Important notice: no police or bodyguards were there that evening of august 1964.

porto ercole, grosseto, italy, july 27 1964. the dutch royal family (from left princesses margriet and beatrix, prince bernard, h.m. queen juliana of netherlands, and princess christine) descending stairs toward photographers, at their summer residence "elefante felice".

i'm the young guy down with rolleiflex on the left, in this photograph edited by daily "il telegrafo" on july 28 1964.

porto ercole, italy, august 1964. princess beatrix of holland on board the netherland royal navy vessel "the green dragon".

venerdì 10 luglio 2009

milan, italy, july 9 2009. pop art artist ron english near his creation at "the don gallery" attending his personal exhibition.
milan, italy, july 9 2009. visitors at personal exhibition of pop art artist ron english at "the don gallery".
milan, italy, july 9 2009. pop art artist ron english is now attending his personal exhibition at "the don gallery".

...the photograph I never shot...

that september 1991 i was on my way driving on interstate 15 from california to las vegas. a vision on my right side, a long train running appearing so small lost in a lower level of mojave desert immensity, going opposite the sense of my direction, i wished to find a place to stop immediately and shoot the running in running place to stop...lost the train...missed the photograph.
milan, italy, july 9 2009. carol z.perez is consul general of the united states of america in italy
since may 2009. she got today a friendly cooperation meeting with president of lombardy roberto formigoni.
milan, italy, july 9 2009. carol z.perez, consul general of the united states of america in italy
encountered president of lombardy region roberto formigoni for a friendly cooperation, at pirelli building.

mercoledì 8 luglio 2009

...60's...shook hands with John Wayne in London..

....cold winter day in those 60's. i was on my way upstairs at united states information service in grosvenor square, that beautiful architecture of alvar aalto, to borrow a book. a tall man dressed formal with a highly tailored overcoat was descending in front of me...can't miss him...
hi mr. john wayne...nice to meet you!!!...he answered with a broad smile, we shook hand disappeared into his big one. he was in london starring for a new movie in shepperton...

...Milanesiana 2009 is over...

milan, italy, july 7 2009. editor elisabetta sgarbi presenting the "aperitivo con gli autori", closing the important happening she created named "milanesiana", calling in milan international venues bearing important names in literature, arts, music.
milan, italy, july 6 2009. moroccan writer tahar ben jelloun leaving back home embracing elisabetta sgarbi creator of event "la milanesiana".
milan, italy, july 7 2009. italian philosophers meeting in memory of philosopher franco volpi, as part of the event "milanesiana". from left they are: roberto esposito, maurizio ferraris, journalist antonio gnoli, massimo cacciari, giacomo marramao, remo bodei, massimo dona' (seated).
milan, italy, july 7 2009. mayor of venice massimo cacciari left for few hours his protocol obligations to give his presence as philosopher at the event of "milanesiana".

martedì 7 luglio 2009

...was...U.S.A. Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara...1962...

..i arrived to the swiss station of zermatt that summer morning at 8:30 , just on time to see him get off the small mountain train with wife and sons, and two relaxed escort men. No security policemen, no swiss representatives in the almost empty station , and no other photographers than me to photograph the secretary of defense robert mc namara, the man that was that time facing the cruelest world conflict in vietnam, and russia cold war the other side under j.f.kennedy government. i asked him please to stop a moment on station platform for a family group without being interrupted by escort men, he kindly agreed..the escort men moved off the frame ...few shots with my rollei...and back to milan...