venerdì 30 gennaio 2009

...2009 Venice Carnival on....

milan, italy, january 28 2009. a strong intensive publicity is now on for lufthansa-italia, the new airline starting operations from malpensa airport on febrary 2nd.

malpensa airport, italy, january 28 2009. lufthansa german cabin assistants and pilots standing in front of airbus a319-100 named "milano" for photographers to celebrate the newborn arline lufthansa-italia.

official marks of german lufthansa-italia airline aircraft airbus a319-100 named "milano".

malpensa airport, italy. karl ulrich garnadt lufthansa'vice president for services and human resources surrounded by airline crew, celebrating the new branch of german flag airline named lufthansa-italia that will start traffic on new slots on february 2nd.

malpensa airport, italy, january 28 2009. president of milan airports giuseppe bonomi
(left) and karl ulrich garnadt, vice president of services and human resources for lufthansa airlines.

milan, italy, january 26, 2009. a tree of peace with israeli and palestinian flags was dedicated in these hard days in middle east, by the president of municipality council of the city of milan, manfredi palmeri surrounded by representatives of moslem, christian and hebrew religions. from left to right: leone soueb, dounia ettaib, manfredi palmeri, eyal mizrahi, davide romano, monsignor gianfranco bottoni, abd al-sabur turrini.

milan, italy, january 26 2009. italian tycoon 75 y.o.carlo de benedetti decided to leave presidency of the largest part of his industrial and financil empire declaring to the press the intention to spend more time in social life.

milan, italy, january 24, 2008. italian magistrate, lawyer gherardo colombo, with a long tribunal history and actions involving italian politicians, now giving leisure time reading one of his favored thriller books.

milan, italy, january 23 2006. overcrowded historical biblioteca trivulziana inside the sforza castle, listening umberto eco introducing to the bibliophile almanac.

milan, italy, january 23 2009. italian writer umberto eco has introduced the latest edition of the bibliophile almanac at antique historical biblioteca trivulziana, inside the sforza castle.

mercoledì 21 gennaio 2009

milan, italy, january 20 2009. show director rene' de cardenas now directing the "sonlar" group.

milan, italy, january 20 2009. the cuban group "sonlar" of dancers and stompers directed by renè de cardenas will start performing at ciak theater on february 5th next.

martedì 20 gennaio 2009

milan, italy, january 19 2009. roberto colaninno (right) president of cai-alitalia private airline, and ceo rocco sabelli (left) fastly leaving the seat of lombardy region with no declarations to the press, after a closed doors meeting with president roberto formigoni, deeply concerned about the future of linate and malpensa airports.

milan, italy, january 19 2009. roberto colaninno, now president of cai-alitalia private airline with 25% participation of air france-klm.

sabato 17 gennaio 2009

milan, italy, january 16 2009. pinacotca di brera is celebrating 200 years with four paints by italian artist caravaggio temporarily given from museums in rome, london and new york. here are masterpieces titled "il concerto" e "il ragazzo con canestro di frutta", added to "cena di emmaus number one" and "cena di emmaus number two".

milan, italy, january 16 2009. pinacoteca di brera celebrating 200 years. unestimable value masterpieces of art stored inside special rooms by the thousand , will be made visible to visitors after works already on to the building will be accomplished.

milan, italy, january 16 2009. pinacoteca di brera celebrating 200 years. students and teacher explaining work of specialist inside the special glass room in front, working under particular air conditioning after restoration of masterpiece "lo sposalizio della vergine" "the wedding of the virgin" by artist raffaello.

milan, italy, january 16 2009. pinacoteca di brera celebrating 200 years. italian artist mantegna masterpiece paint of "cristo morto" (dead jesus christ).

milan, italy, january 16 2009. pinacoteca di brera celebrating 200 years. people in front of opera "fiumana" by italian artist pellizza da volpedo showing struggle of workers.

milan, italy, january 9 2009. thriller writer andrea pinketts forming a unique image
with his cigar, after a goodbye to the historic thriller library "libreria del giallo" that will definitely shut down caused by librarian tecla dozio retirement.

milan, italy, january 9 2009. left to right. record producer mara maionchi, television conductor simona ventura, music singer and composer morgan, and television conductor francesco facchinetti, they are together with an high audience level selecting young talented people and singers to lead into music and show business.

mercoledì 7 gennaio 2009

lombardy, italy, january 7 2009. heavy snow is affecting by 48 hours transportation in the city of milan. here a view of segrate, a town close by milan outskirts.

lombardy, italy, january 7 2008. north italy is by 48 hours under continuous heavy snow affecting transportation mostly in milan.

giovedì 1 gennaio 2009

united kingdom, december 31 2008. the british pound has at the end of 2008 the same value as the european common currency euro. the british currency value decrease followed the american financial crisis.