martedì 30 dicembre 2008

milan, italy, december 29 2008. italian opera singer katia ricciarelli and la scala theater where she performed many times as soprano, singing verdi and puccini melodies.she is back in milan for a concert the first day of 2009.

sabato 27 dicembre 2008

A gold letters "Good Bye" to photojournalist Grazia Neri...

milan, italy, december 27 2008. italian photojournalist grazia neri founder of grazia neri photofeatures agency, she is now leaving photojournalism after a lifelong activity signed by many years of successful cooperation with world most important photographers and magazines. Is her last decision made by the end of black and white versus digital photography?
this photograph: group of press photographers representing different photographic agencies and media, showing their admiration to grazia neri (center) at biennale d'arte di venezia.

lunedì 22 dicembre 2008

milan,italy, december 19 2008. italian writer benedetta cibrario signed copies of her book "rosso vermiglio" who made her winner of the 2008 campiello award edition in venice last september.

rome, italy, december 19 2008. emma marcegaglia, italian president of manufacturer association, suffered sudden uneasiness after drinking a glass of water during a congress in rome.

milan, italy, december 18 2008. italian television anchorman antonio caprarica has introduced to his new book titled "gli italiani la sanno lunga...o no".

milan, italy, december 17 2008. italian movie comic actors "aldo, giovanni and giacomo", at their new film "il cosmo sul comò " on vision for the press.

sabato 13 dicembre 2008

milan, italy. december 13 2008. christmas tree, a gift as every year by swedish people, in duomo square by night.

milan, italy. december 13 2008. christmas lights at galleria vittorio emanuele overcrowded by santa klaus shoppers.

milan, italy, december 7 2008. horse mounted carabinieri in front of la scala theater
to celebrate the season opening with premiere of opera "don carlo" by giuseppe verdi.

milan, italy, december 7 2008. italian classic ballet dancer and etoile roberto bolle
giving chance to photographers at premiere of opera "don carlo" by giuseppe verdi at la scala theater.

milan, italy, december 7 2008. italian fashion designers stefano gabbana and domenico dolce at teatro la scala ' premiere of opera "don carlo" by giuseppe verdi.

milan, italy, december 7 2008. american ambassador in italy ronald spogli and lady on red carpet at la scala theater at premiere of opera "don carlo" by giuseppe verdi.

milan, italy, december 11 2008. former oscar winner film director gabriele salvatores has presented his new film titled "as god will". here with actors from left filippo timi, angelica leo and gabriele salvatores.

milan, italy, december 9 2008. italian singer and composer albano carrisi, (former husband of singer and actress romina power) has presented his book titled "with music in my heart".

milan, italy, december 7 2008. italian anchorman bruno vespa has presented his book titled "a journey in a different italy".

Venezia: high tide wave and "acqua alta" flood and Mose Works to control it:

...flood in venice? global warming might increase it but is not the main reason. it's a common situation every year starting in november, ending in february, lasting few days generally when there is full moon and high tide contemporarily or when sciroccan winds rush waves from open sea into venice lagoon. that's the reason why the mose barrier is now ahead in construction, and when ready, the barriers will rise up when these two phenomenons are expected.
i remember in 1952 when i was a schoolboy, going by motorboat every morning from home in lido island to saint mark square. and then those high tide days taking off socks and shoes and save those into my schoolbag that i carried on my shoulder and walk barefeet into water crossing venice calles and bridges all the way to sebastian cabot school almost at santa lucia railway station. at the end enjoyimg when seated in my school bench, with my feet feeling sensation of the warm wood plank, waiting to dry up and wear socks and shoes again while the lesson was going on. So, venetian high tide is known since long before global warming, although in these last years is gone up few centimeters more.

venice, italy, december 2008. "acqua alta" flood in saint mark square.

venice, italy, december 2008. "acqua alta" flood in saint mark square.

venice, italy, june 2008. works at saint nicolo, building the mose barrier expected in future to control high tides entering the venice lagoon against seasonal "acqua alta" floods affecting the city of venice since centuries ago.

venice, italy, june 2008. works at malamocco constructing the mose barrier expected to control high tides entering the venice lagoon to avoid the "acqua alta" seasonal floods.

venice, italy.june 2008. works building the mose barrier at malamocco to control high tides

sabato 6 dicembre 2008

milan, italy. december 4 2008. american photographer, painter, film director william klein at forma gallery for his potographs exhibition titled "contacts".

milan, italy. december 4 2008. american photographer, painter, film director william klein has presented his photographs exhibition titled "contacts" at forma gallery.

milan, italy. december 3 2008. architect daniel libeskind, project winner of ground zero new construction, has helped with his presence at historic library bocca to search a solution against closure risk due to a too high new rent asked by estate owners.

milan, italy. desember 3 2008. architect daniel libeskind gave his participation signing 70 copies of his book "counterpoint" at historic "library bocca", to support difficulties of the library in paying the new too high rent imposed by the estate owners that could enforce the shop closure.

milan, italy. december 2 2008. emma marcegaglia, president of italian industrials association got flowers during his presence at congress of italian textile industrials.

milan, italy. december 1 2008. ministers of foreign affairs massimo d'alema (first left) and renato ruggiero (first right)told their state experiences during a cycle at bocconi university organized by giorgio la malfa (center).

milano, italy. december 1 2008. left wing politician, former minister of foreign affairs telling his state memories during a cycle at bocconi university.

milan, italy. december 1 2008. former ambassador and minister of foreign affairs at cycle on their state memories at bocconi university.

sabato 8 novembre 2008

milan, italy. november 7 2008. julia baird, sister of the beatles'legend john lennon,
she presented her book on her brother john titled "imagine this".

milan, italy. november 6 2008. italian politician willer bordon gave up voluntarily senatorship, and he presented today his book explaining the reasons why he got that decision, whose title is "why i got out of the caste".

milan, italy. november 6 2008. italian film and theater actor alessandro gassman presented his next theater performance titled "the word to the jurymen".

martedì 4 novembre 2008

milan, italy, november 3 2008. minister of culture sandro bondi at sforza's castle suggested "more light for a better vision" to the unfinished sculpture by michelangelo named "pietà rondanini", who got by the "maestro" the last chisel modeling on february 12 1564.

milan, italy. november 3 2008. japanese visitors at sforza's castle, to the last unfinished sculpture "pieta' rondanini" of michelangelo when his last chisel work ended the february 12 1564.

milan, italy, november 3, 2008. letizia moratti, mayor of milan and minister of culture sandro bondi, announced at sala delle asse, inside the sforza'castle, that restoration of the ceiling painted by leonardo da vinci showing vineyard branches
will start soon.

sabato 1 novembre 2008

milan, italy, october 31, 2008. a warm meeting at bocconi university of italian president giorgio napolitano and president of european commission jose' manuel barroso. from left to right cardinal dionigi tettamanzi, president giorgio napolitano, president josè manuel barroso, at inauguration of architectural newly made sector of most important italian financial and economic sciences university.

milan, italy, october 29, 2008. italian journalist and writer alain elkann has presented his new novel "the misunderstanding".

copenhagen, denmark, october 29, 2008. low cost danish sterling airline is bankrupt.
all flights canceled and no flights protection to passengers.

milan, italy, october 28, 2008. luigi rainero fassati, surgery professor in liver transplants has given others with his book "at open heart" his sentiments and emotions.

milan, italy, october 23, 2008. italian symphony music critic lorenzo arruga fully breathing with passion his tuscany cigar, before listening at a new a solo violin concert.

milan, italy, october 23, 2008. theater actor gigi proietti now in milan for a fully sold one man show enjoy an espresso coffee before reaching the stage.

milan, italy, october 23, 2008. roberto einaudi posing for a photograph close by portrait of his grandfather luigi einaudi, former president of italian republic, at the exhibition dedicated to his life as economist and politician.

milan, italy, october 22, 2008. italian finance and estate tycoon gianluigi gabetti having a confidential moment with his daughter cristina gabetti, journalist and writer.

mercoledì 22 ottobre 2008

gianni berengo gardin: first italian photographer who got lucie award

new york, ny, usa. octobr 20, 2008. lucie award, as the most important reconnaissance to great photographers, has been given to italian black and white artist photographer gianni berengo gardin (here in this photograph he is close by a shot of his work that he likes most). the prize has been collected in new york by his close friend elliott erwitt.

milan, italy, october 20, 2008. from left to right: banker cesare geronzi, as president of mediobanca, economist lorenzo bini smaghi commissary of monetary commission of eu central bank, and giulio tremonti, italian minister of financial affairs, they met for a discussion on how banks and financial situation will go on after american disaster of lehman brothers and deep fall of stock exchange world.