sabato 8 novembre 2008

milan, italy. november 7 2008. julia baird, sister of the beatles'legend john lennon,
she presented her book on her brother john titled "imagine this".

milan, italy. november 6 2008. italian politician willer bordon gave up voluntarily senatorship, and he presented today his book explaining the reasons why he got that decision, whose title is "why i got out of the caste".

milan, italy. november 6 2008. italian film and theater actor alessandro gassman presented his next theater performance titled "the word to the jurymen".

martedì 4 novembre 2008

milan, italy, november 3 2008. minister of culture sandro bondi at sforza's castle suggested "more light for a better vision" to the unfinished sculpture by michelangelo named "pietà rondanini", who got by the "maestro" the last chisel modeling on february 12 1564.

milan, italy. november 3 2008. japanese visitors at sforza's castle, to the last unfinished sculpture "pieta' rondanini" of michelangelo when his last chisel work ended the february 12 1564.

milan, italy, november 3, 2008. letizia moratti, mayor of milan and minister of culture sandro bondi, announced at sala delle asse, inside the sforza'castle, that restoration of the ceiling painted by leonardo da vinci showing vineyard branches
will start soon.

sabato 1 novembre 2008

milan, italy, october 31, 2008. a warm meeting at bocconi university of italian president giorgio napolitano and president of european commission jose' manuel barroso. from left to right cardinal dionigi tettamanzi, president giorgio napolitano, president josè manuel barroso, at inauguration of architectural newly made sector of most important italian financial and economic sciences university.

milan, italy, october 29, 2008. italian journalist and writer alain elkann has presented his new novel "the misunderstanding".

copenhagen, denmark, october 29, 2008. low cost danish sterling airline is bankrupt.
all flights canceled and no flights protection to passengers.

milan, italy, october 28, 2008. luigi rainero fassati, surgery professor in liver transplants has given others with his book "at open heart" his sentiments and emotions.

milan, italy, october 23, 2008. italian symphony music critic lorenzo arruga fully breathing with passion his tuscany cigar, before listening at a new a solo violin concert.

milan, italy, october 23, 2008. theater actor gigi proietti now in milan for a fully sold one man show enjoy an espresso coffee before reaching the stage.

milan, italy, october 23, 2008. roberto einaudi posing for a photograph close by portrait of his grandfather luigi einaudi, former president of italian republic, at the exhibition dedicated to his life as economist and politician.

milan, italy, october 22, 2008. italian finance and estate tycoon gianluigi gabetti having a confidential moment with his daughter cristina gabetti, journalist and writer.