sabato 14 agosto 2010

….1961 when Magnum Photos was also in Milan…..

….my memories in 1961, I remember when the great Magnum Photos after Paris and New York got also an office in Milan, a subrented room at the Giornalfoto photo agency where I was, close by Piazza Loreto, a square known the world over for the crude end of Benito Mussolini. The man in charge of the Milan’ Magnum was Nando Carrese, (young son of Vincenzo Carrese founder of Publifoto), with the active cooperation of a gentle german girl named …..I don’t remember….but I recall the covers of LIFE magazine showing the best of Magnum shots covering the four walls of the place and few of those young photographers, already great photographers, coming by, named Ian Berry, Inge Morath, Renè Burri, Mark Riboud, and…Henri Cartier Bresson…..


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